Testimonial by Parents

Lynn chua

My twin boys are 6 and we’ve been with Sparkanauts for almost 5 years. Caleb & Callen started attending weekly class at Sparkanauts since 15 months old. We joined the playgroup when they were 2 years old Lessons are always very vibrant and interesting. Teachers are very dedicated and passionate. They are currently attending the Achievers class and always looking forward to the class. The boys had learnt every well in both academic and physical development all these years. They also grew very confident through the teachings. Joining Sparkanauts was the best choice we could ever make. Thank you to all the teachers who had put in so much efforts! Caleb and Callen’s mummy.

My husband and I are very happy to have found Sparkanauts. The centre offers holistic brain development experiences in the different learning domains for my child. The variety of activities offered in each lesson kept my active son engaged constantly and meaningfully. I personally enjoy the creative and engaging lessons conducted by their ever enthusiastic and passionate teachers. Not only has my son benefited from the lessons, as a mother, I have also learnt useful tips and skills from the post lesson sharing by the teachers. My son looks forward to his weekly Sparkanauts lesson. I have witnessed for myself improvements in his speech and interest towards learning. Thank you Sparkanauts for providing a safe and engaging learning environment for my child. Max Fan’s mummy.


My son Matteo (who is now 6 years old) has been attending Sparkanauts’ various classes and holiday camps since he was 2! We love Sparkanauts because of their creative, interesting and thoughtful content, and most importantly, their teachers are absolutely amazing. They are always so attentive and nurturing and never fail to engage the children in endlessly fun and meaningful ways. My second son Luca is now 3 years old and loves attending Sparkanauts’ holiday camps with his older brother. Thank you, Teachers Liz, Michelle, Pooja and Rachel, for all of your hard work, care and guidance for our little ones! Matteo’s mummy.

My girl has been attending Sparkanauts since her first baby class 5 years ago. Today, she is a cheerful girl with a positive learning attitude. She looks forward to every class and especially love the grammar and math segment as she finds them very interesting. I believe this is only made possible by the dedicated teachers of Sparkanauts. A big thank you! Jiexuan’s mummy.

It’s definitely an understatement to say that Sparkanauts is CL’s favourite enrichment class and the class that she missed terribly during the entire Circuit Breaker period! Just imagine the number of times she tried re-creating the class by grabbing any boxes/containers for her “Mystery Box”, or any piece of cloth (whether round or not) and making us sing “Make a Circle” song. Or her attempts to do her circuit training with any “obstacles” she can find, or turn her parents into the makeshift trapeze. Not to mention the 101 times that she pleads for “Sparkanauts TV, yes yes?”

Having gone through various types of enrichment classes with CL, including the different popular brain training classes, I must say that Sparkanauts provides the most all-rounded programme for infants/toddlers. There is a clear balance of brain-training, motor skills exercises and music appreciation all rolled into a single class so CL is able to take to the classes way faster than the others. In fact, we can clearly see how CL has improved from having difficulties doing her circuit practises initially to how she runs over to the circuit set up the moment she gets to class now.

The other thing we love about Sparkanauts is how the children are not simply sorted by age but by their ability. For any parent who believes that each child learns at his/her own pace, Sparkanauts is definitely an enrichment class to check out! What’s more, both parents can be there to participate and witness the development of the child, which means more meaningful bonding time with your infant! Chiling’s mummy

Parents Review From Blogs

With Noah entering N1 this year, we’ve had to say goodbye to his beloved Sparkanauts teachers, at least until he settles down properly in school. He’s been attending classes there since he was about nine months old, and we’re definitely thankful for all the help that the teachers have given to us, in supporting Noah’s physical development.

It was kinda amazing that we could track Bubba’s development at Sparkanauts too! When Bubba first started at Sparkanauts, she was about 13 months. I was eager for her to be at the Cadet class (13 months – 18 months). But the folks at Sparkanauts thought otherwise. They wanted her to be at the Baby Cadet class (5 months – 12 months) first and looking back, I think it was a good choice not to throw her into the deep end of the ocean.

What I love about Sparkanauts is that both parents and children are engaged in class. You can find teachers summarizing the reasons for certain activities, its benefits to the development of children, and how, as parents, we can continue to use these activities at home. It’s really interesting to learn about all this alongside your child, especially since I’m a first time mama.

I also like that some of the teachers are very observant and would suggest specific activities for your child each week, for example, practicing jumping, or hand movements and actions, etc. They are very knowledgeable and are genuinely happy to see the children progressing in the classes as time goes by.