What goes on in this class?

A highly-energized 75-minute class that involves visual, auditory and vestibular stimulation. Your child will be exposed to our weekly thematic flashcards, they will learn facts about the world to strengthen their encyclopedic knowledge.

Their gross motor and fine motor skills will be honed through various physically stimulating activities like mobility circuits, balance activities, brachiation and action rhymes.

Our pilot classes provide a comprehensive phonetical segment for the little ones, ensuring that learning phonics is made fun. This encourages our children to pick up letter sounds quickly. Your child will also be exposed to the strokes and shapes of the letters, and take their first step in writing.

A series of brain training exercises will further stimulate spatial discrimination and strengthens both brain hemispheres. Their foundational mathematical understanding will also be built upon, further developing their critical thinking ability.

Your child will work on their hand-eye coordination and their body control in our programme. They will be regularly given musical instrument to play on to develop their recognition of pitches and sense of rhythm.

The key highlights of this class include:
  1. Flashcards
  2. Mobility (Circuit)
  3. Trapeze Hanging and Swinging
  4. Brain Training Activities
  5. Phonetical Experience
  6. Action Rhymes
  7. Mobility (Balance and Coordination)
  8. Circle Time
  9. Mathematical Skills
  10. Tactile Activities
  11. Thematic Stories
  12. Music Exposure