Junior Pilot

What goes on in this class?

A highly-energized 75-minute class that involves visual, auditory and vestibular stimulation. Your child is starting to explore and make sense of the world around them. Our thematic flashcards will allow your child to recognize commonly used words and build on their existing vocabulary bank.

Our physical circuit encompasses play mat pieces which requires your child to learn how to navigate their way up and down different gradients, take steps independently and encourage them to jump. Our brachiation exercises will also strengthens your child’s fine motor abilities and teaches their body the concept of momentum.

Your child will be more aware of their body and what it can do through a series of rhymes and rhythm. They will also learn how to coordinate and isolate their body parts. There will be fun-filled and hands-on tactile experiences to introduce your child to the alphabet and promote good letter recognition.

Foundational mathematical concepts will be introduced to expose your child to critical thinking. Your child will also work on their hand-eye coordination and body control and during our classes, they will be given a musical instrument to play on to develop their pitches and rhythm recognition.

The key highlights of this class include:
  1. Flashcards
  2. Mobility (Circuit)
  3. Trapeze Hanging and Swinging
  4. Brain Training Activities
  5. Alphabet Exposure
  6. Action Rhymes
  7. Mobility (Relay)
  8. Circle Time
  9. Mathematical Skills
  10. Tactile Activities
  11. Thematic Stories
  12. Music Exposure