What goes on in this class?

A highly-energized 75-minute class that involves visual, auditory and vestibular stimulation. This programme will develop your child into confident and competent beings. Our specially designed thematic flashcards builds on their encyclopedic knowledge and also introduces them to speaking in full and proper sentences and be able to comprehend more complex words.

The specially crafted physical circuit is our children’s favorite, as they have so much fun navigating their way through the different obstacles, working on their gross motor skills. Your child will be able to independently brachiate and this further strengthens their finger and wrist muscles.

Building on the Pilot program, the phonetical sounds of the alphabet will be reinforced, as your child will be introduced to the fundamentals to reading – CVC blending of words and word families.

Your child will also participate in laterality and mobility activities, which develop skills like team work, hand-eye coordination and bodily coordination. Your child’s reading ability and their ability to recognize sight words is further developed through songs and movement.

Mathematical concepts will is a core activity in this programme, designed to stimulate your child’s analytical processing and problem solving ability.

The key highlights of this class include:
  1. Flashcards
  2. Mobility (Circuit)
  3. Trapeze Hanging and Swinging
  4. Brain Training Activities
  5. Phonetical Experience
  6. Sight Words
  7. Laterality
  8. Mobility (Builds Stamina & Strength)
  9. Mathematical Skills
  10. Tactile Activities
  11. Thematic Stories