Eduplay (Weekday Dropoff Classes)

What goes on in this class?

Eduplay @ Sparkanauts is a weekday playgroup that we have passionately designed to support children aged 17 months to 3.5 years as they embark on their first significant step into the world of preschool. In today’s fast-paced landscape, our little ones are faced with challenges that extend beyond the traditional classroom. This is why we believe in preparing them for school readiness – not just academically, but also as well-rounded individuals who embrace every aspect of their development.

Our 3-day programme serves as a gentle transition, helping both child and parent acclimate to separation. Simultaneously, it immerses the child in a well-structured routine that nurtures their confidence and independence.

The key highlights of this class include:
  1. Numeracy, discovering the world, boost cognitive development.
  2. Build essential language skills, vocabulary and speech development
  3. Practice fine motor skills to build Self confidence and do tasks independently.
  4. Language and literacy development, tune into rhythm of repetition
  5. Develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination; enhance emotional well-being
  6. Enhance gross motor skills and activate vestibular system; increase spatial awareness and develop sense of balance