Baby Cadet

What goes on in this class?

A highly-energized 75-minute class that includes visual, auditory and vestibular stimulation. Your baby will be visually stimulated through the exposure of commonly used words and develop a sense of rhythm, beat and an awareness of different pitches through exposure to different kinds of music and songs.

Our specially designed balance exercises will strengthen your babyโ€™s sense of balance, which encourages and sets their foundation for mobility. You baby will also be given brain training exercises to stimulate their brain and strengthen body awareness and spatial discrimination.

You and your baby will also be taught baby signing to help the little ones make sense of the world around them and communicate with those around them.

The key highlights of this class include:
  1. Flashcards
  2. Infant Balance Exercise
  3. Trapeze Hanging
  4. Brain Training Activities
  5. Puppet Time
  6. Mobility (Circuit)
  7. Circle Time
  8. Tactile Activities
  9. Music and Movement
  10. Baby Signing
  11. Baby Massage
  12. Parentsโ€™ Sharing Session