Sparkanauts Story

In the beginning, the founders of Sparkanauts believe that all children are born with an innate curiosity about the world around them. So, their approach was to provide children with lots of play activities that stretched them physically and mentally.

These activities included music and movement, visual training skills, memory training, letters and vocabulary identification, mathematical concepts, balance and coordination exercises, phonetic and action rhymes, and fine motor skills training.

Essentially, what was done was to provide our children with holistic brain development training, albeit conducted in a fun manner that kept our children entertained throughout.

Our Sparkanauts classes are holistic brain development training that builds on our children’s innate curiosity, combining purposeful play that stretches them physically and mentally. All our learning activities are specially designed to stimulate the brain through a combination of play activities and research-based pedagogy. 

At Sparkanauts, we let our children learn to play so that they can play to learn.